About Me

I was born in 1988 and grew up outside of Pittsburgh, PA. I recently graduated from the university of Alaska Fairbanks, in May 2011, with a Bachelors of Fine Arts focusing in painting and drawing.

I grew up north of Pittsburgh in a small and rural area.  As a child my next door neighbor was the limitless vast woods.  My playmates were mostly my three brothers and sister.  I am smack in the middle of five kids by 13 minutes to my twin brother.

Growing up I always had an over active imagination.  To me anything was real and anything could happen and I believed it.  I found fascination within dark secret places that could be explored and I found adventure searching the woods for abandoned cars and structures.  My extended family runs a self sustaining beef farm, formally a fuit farm, with many mysterious and old structures and hidden places.  I remember, as a child when we still lived on the farm, always wanting to explore the old barn, the trailer in the field, or the old RV parked in our backyard. Most of these places I never got to explore but even today my curiosity tempts me.

Most of my work now is taking an image/memory or a specific object from my past and focusing on what makes it extraordinary and what about it tempted my curiosity in the first place. The questions I find myself asking are was it the composition, the colors, the spacial depth, or just the subject matter? My curiosity leads me to do interesting paintings in interesting compositions focusing on the brilliance and strength of color.


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