Chapter 1: “How to Distill the Essence of Loss”

I must apologize that there have been few posts lately.  As most of you may know I have working on my BFA thesis exhibition.  At about 7am on Jan 31st I completed hanging the show.  The title of this exhibition is Chapter 1: “How to Distill the Essence of Loss”.  I learned so much from setting up, such as some things take way longer than you might imagine, not all ideas are good ideas (but you won’t find out till it’s to late), and some things are simply just not realistic.  However, I had a blast setting up and not once was alone.  It was wonderful the amount people who were constantly showing up and lending a helping hand.  Thank you so much!

The exhibition is a combination of paintings and drawings.  Most of the paintings are large acrylic works with some smaller paintings and my drawing are all ink drawings on treated paper.  The one thing I struggle most in this world is finding a balance between living in my imagination and reality.  My paintings are based off my imagination and the imaginary worlds that I created as a child while my drawings are places in reality that I use to play as a child.

When I went home this past winter I hiked around the woods with my dog, taking photos and sketching all the old forts, clubhouses, tunnels, tree houses, damns in cricks and lost toys in the woods.  It was interesting to see these places and how they are not at all as grand as I remember them being.  It was sad in a way as well because they weren’t as full of life and vibrancy as they were when I was 10 years old.  So I treated my drawings in that fashion and used ink and salt treatments to create these dreamy, vacant and overgrown places such as the drawing below The Sandbox.

This show has been quite the learning experience for me.  It amazed and frustrated me how my best ideas for this show occurred in the last three weeks but excited me because it has given me countless new ideas and themes for future drawings.

Again I’d like to thank everyone who has helped me with my show and all the wonderful moral support.  My show will be hung in the Univeristy of Alaska Fairbanks Fine Arts Gallery.  It will be on display from Jan. 31-Feb. 11, 2011.  The opening reception is on Feb. 4th from 5:30pm-9:00pm.  My mother is cooking lots of delicious things for the opening so if you hate the show at least there’ll be great food.

I will be posting images from my show shortly.


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