Figure Study

Pastel & Conte on stretched Japanese Paper

I stretched Japanese paper over a canvas stretcher.   Basically I folded the paper over it like a present, stapled the paper in the back, and then sprayed the paper with water to soak it.  I did this so that when the paper dries it will become tighter.  When the paper is wet it becomes very fragile.  I accidently put a permanent indentation into this drawing with my elbow in the top right corner.  When the paper was dry it had become hard like a drum but it was thin paper.  So on the back of the paper I collage tissue paper onto it using modge podge.  I learned that you should do this before you stretch the paper because then it becomes difficult trying to collage the tissue paper on under areas where the stretcher bars are located.  The other thing you have to be careful about is when I was putting the modge podge on the back the Japanese paper became flimsy again and I had to wait for it to dry and tighten again.  I also wanted to treat the front with an acrylic treatment and once again the paper became flimsy.  When I was finally ready to draw on it the paper had become fuzzy from it being soaked so many times but it still worked and I the results were neat.  When illuminated from behind the drawing has a completely different effect and feel.  Over all I think it was successful and had interesting effects.


~ by j2l19z on May 8, 2010.

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