The Adventures of Scooters: The Big Scary City


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I made this comic book in relation to a memory that I have in New York City.  As always with everything that I recall from my childhood, it is an exageration of what really happened.  I wanted to make it alternate between what really happened and what I remember happening.  On this trip to the city we had to take a subway.  It was the first time I had been around so many people.  It was frightening and I remember blacking out.  Now whether that really happened or not is questionable, I guess you’ll just have to ask my Dad.  He was the one that was holding my hand on the subway telling me it would be okay and he’s the one that is guiding me through this frightening adventure in my comic book.


~ by j2l19z on May 7, 2010.

One Response to “The Adventures of Scooters: The Big Scary City”

  1. Scooters – thanks for making me look better looking than I really am. Love you. Dad.
    P.S. – it really did happen pretty much how you have depicted it. We got into a lot of trouble over you carrying a sword on the subway.

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