In the style of Gothic

This is an assignment that was meant to be in the style of gothic including kistchy elements.  For this assignment we were given a cup of random objects that we were to somehow incorporate into our drawing.  In my cup I got a piece of velvet, a black ribbon, a black candle, a green marble, a rustic looking tack, a piece of bone, and a card with the number eigh and a fish with despair written on it.  I was able to include everything but the piece of velvet and the ribbon.  I think I failed at making my drawing kitschy but the assignment was fun once I got started.  The hardest part was getting started.  The paper is had this beautiful treament but it was also overwhelming and hard to find a starting point.  But once I did, it all started working out and I began seeing the space within the paper treatment.


~ by j2l19z on March 21, 2010.

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