Oil and Acrylic on Canvas



This painting started off with mixed washes of colors that I let drip down the canvas.  Within the washes I found this image of floating tree islands.  I started with acrylic paint and built layers of oil paint on top of the acrylic to make certain areas pop out more.  While in other areas I scrubbed the acrylic out with water to make parts fade further into the canvas.

There are jump ropes that connect the islands together. My siblings and I use to tie jump ropes in trees and use them to climb or to haul things up to our tree houses.  That is where the idea of connecting them with jump ropes came from.


~ by j2l19z on March 13, 2010.

One Response to “Clubhouse”

  1. !!! love this one!! it reminds me a lot of avatar too which i also love, therefore i doubly love it!

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